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Energy Supplements & Body Balance from Atlanta, Georgia

Get your hands on Body Balance and start living a healthy lifestyle! Mario Sanders Services in Atlanta, Georgia, offers energy supplements that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Body Balance
Increase your chances for a healthier you! Our nutritional supplements is taken in liquid form as a whole food supplement. It includes sea vegetables and aloe vera, and comes in a blackberry flavor.

Get the energy you need to make it through a long day! Energy provided by whole foods contains fruits and vegetables, as well as other nutrients. Recommended dose is 4 ounces per day, and should be taken in the morning.

Product History
These supplements were developed by Dr. Wayne and Gerri Hillman, who were looking to cure a loved one suffering from an illness. The supplements cured her and made her a lot better.

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A marketing team was then founded to market this new supplement to other doctors.

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